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Completely pointless crossover drabble

So... a while ago I had this plot bunny about Andrew Wells trying to summon a sex demon, and getting Seamus Harper by accident. It was a pretty shameless attempt to picture my two favourite slash puppies getting it on, and even I have limits when it comes to bizarre plot devices, so it died a natural death.

However... no one expects a drabble to make sense. Who can make sense in only 100 words? I give you the completely pointless crossover drabble challenge. Grab two pretty boys (or girls) from any fandom, purely for the sexy mental image. If I get more than five I'll even make a shiny page for them on my nice new website.

My completely pointless attempt

Title: Summoning Harpers
Rating: PG13
Fandoms: Andromeda/Buffy
Disclaimer: They're not mine, I'm just borrowing them. I promise to sponge them down before I put them back.

*THUMP* Harper landed on Andrew's rug.

"You're not a sex demon!" Andrew said, jumping back.

"What the fu... oh crap, not again." Harper stood up and started taking off his clothes.

"Oh. You are a sex demon."

"Nuh uh; look up."

Andrew looked up, blinking. "What's that?"

"It's a disclaimer. It means we have to have sex now." Harper was down to his boxers.

"The Powers That Be want us to have sex?"

"Well, if by 'Powers' you mean a sexually frustrated housewife, then yeah. Pretty much."

Andrew thought about it for a moment, then pulled off his shirt. "'K."
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